Continuous Delivery Pipeline using Docker and Docker Cloud

Join us next Saturday(June 29th) for 2 Docker workshops (basic & advanced) by Ricky Ng-Adam. and learn how to use Docker to release and test server code continuously. These workshops, like all of CoderBunker’s workshop are free for Agora Space members.



Building and releasing continuously server-side code that works on any type of cloud instance does not have to be difficult. Join us as we explain how we use Docker, Docker Cloud integrated with Github to release and test server code continuously.


Notice: If you have joined our Docker’s workshop on January and March then you can skip the morning basic workshop.

• Morning- Basic Workshop’s Goals Goal 1: Creating a Dockerfile for your project Goal 2: Triggering builds from source code changes


  1. Introduction
  2. Prerequisites check
  3. How do we use Docker at Coderbunker
  4. How do I use Docker myself
  5. How we integrate with Docker Cloud
  6. Github -> Docker Cloud


• Afternoon- Advanced Workshop’s Goals Goal 1: Deploying new containers continuously Goal 2: Best practices to manage your containers


  1. Automated testing
  2. Automating deployment
  3. Deploying new containers continuously
  4. Best practices to manage your containers
  5. Automating deployments


• A working laptop with Linux, Windows or Mac OS X • Familiarity with the command-line (shell) • Docker Desktop installed • A “” account • A “” account


Ricky Ng-Adam (伍思力) is the founder of Coderbunker, an international community of software developers, and co-founder of Xinchejian, the first Hackerspace in China.

Ricky’s track record of almost 20 years as a software engineer includes working for Google, founding his own robotics company and many other tech projects.

He has also worked as a tech consultant for many different startup companies, including Lophilo, Letsface, Tradesparq, The Carevoice, EIC, Agora Space and Cloverise.


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