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    Engineering Architecture


    Need advice on how to structure your software product, design your software architecture or select the technologies you will use to build? Need a prototype? Want to put in place an effective development process? We can help!

    Technical Events


    Need to organize, promote and host an event around a technical subject like VR or IOT? Want to promote your company tech chops through a hackathon?



    Looking to invest in a startup? Want to validate that a partner is using modern software development processes and methodologies? We audit engineering teams, evaluate their performance and provide advice accordingly.

    Recruitment & Interviews


    Need help assessing that candidates for hiring are who they are? Need assistance finding leads? Let our experienced team be the neutral third-party to evaluate your candidates!

    Corporate Training & Coaching


    Need to transfer skills to your team in web development or system administration? Want to make your employees more productive? Want to provide them with senior coaching?

  • Past Projects

    At Coderbunker, we believe working on real-life projects maximize the learning experience for all participants 


    Catalog and evaluate existing platforms

    FITHEARTS is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged children through sports. We believe every child deserves a chance to play and receive the lifelong benefit of sports. As such, we create sports and physical education programs, donate sports equipment and apparels to under-financed schools and orphanages in China.


    Implement front-end in ReactJS and rework UI

    MobyDQ is a tool for data engineering teams to automate data quality checks on their data
    pipeline, capture data quality issues and trigger alerts in case of anomaly, regardless of the data sources they use.
    This project requires team to implement connectivity with various database flavors (Hive, Impala, Oracle, MariaDB...) and implement anomaly detection indicators using Machine Learning
    Tech Stack: PostgreSQL, Postgraphile, Python, Flask, ReactJS, Material Design, Docker

    Heike Network

    Automate the Coderbunker process into a globally scalable process

    Heike Network is a blockchain spinoff of the Coderbunker retainer model
    This projects requires teams to build the solidity smart contracts to be deployed on Ethereum
    Tech Stack: Solidity, Ethereum, Go, Javascript, React Frontend


    Develop a self-service SaaS system that can be commercialized

    Physical objects (such as equipments) are uniquely identified by UUID and catalogued in
    Google Spreadsheets. Unique UUID can be looked up online using a mobile application by scanning a QR code.
    This projects requires team to extend application and add use cases scenario (pulling up documentation)
    Tech stack: ReactJS, bash scripts

    Agora Space

    Coworking Mobile check-in through wifi detection of devices

    Agora Space is an international community and co-working space located in the heart of Shanghai. Awarded the fastest internet in Shanghai by SmartShanghai, the co-working space houses a myriad of individuals and businesses.
    This projects requires team to deploy wifi MAC address tracking on 6 wifi routers and create face wall of people currently in the space
    Tech stack: meteor.js, openwrt

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