• Build a Tech Team for Your Needs

  • Hiring developers is an expensive & time-consuming process

    Most companies spend 1-3 months looking for a senior/mid-level developer and another month to get them on board. Given the highly competitive tech industry having the highest turnover rate, only 20% of developers stay in the same company for more than 3 years

  • Our Solutions & Services

    Retainer Based Projects

    You have full control

    We take your hiring budget and deploy a team of specialists to work with you right from the start, the budget is fully refundable and expenses are transparent, contact us for more details

    On-demand Tech Consulting

    Pay by the hour

    Like hiring a lawyer for legal issues, we have our team of specialists that can answer your technical questions and help with choosing the right platform, system, etc.

    Hiring via Coderbunker

    Flexible arrangement for enterprises

    For companies looking to hire developers, we offer a flexible solution of paying 50 hours fee for successful placement in the first month and another 50 hours fee after 3 months of trial.

  • Clients & Partners

  • An international community of developers

    We partner up with brands and businesses to help them build their digital products

  • Coderbunker was built by developers for developers

    Coderbunker founders, developers with accumulated 50 years of tech experience, decided to invest time and money to build a collaborative community providing tech resources for companies. We are invested in partnering up with organizations and raise the bar of tech excellence

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