• Tools for Machine learning

    Machine Learning Course II @ Coderbunker

  • - What is Machine Learning? -


    Machine learning is needed for tasks that are too complex for humans to code directly. All the things we do every day but we are not really able to explain how we do these tasks: image recognition, estimating housing prices, driving cars, or just walking.

    Here come the new technologies called machine learning: we don't explain them "how to": we show them how.

    - Requirements -


    • At ease with python programming.
    • Can recall basic high school math.

    • Have notions of Linux command line.

    - Goal -


    • Learn to use python based data science modules: matplotlib, keras, numpy, pandas…
    • Be autonomous and be able to read the doc by yourself if you need extra information.
    • Be able to configure a remote server with GPU and install all the libraries you need (git, Linux command line).

    - Course Materials -


    Bring your computer and install:

    • Jupyter notebook,

    • Linux command line

    • python 3,

    • keras,

    • Numpy

    • pandas


    - Course Program -


    More information coming soon...

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