• What We Do

    Leveraging communities and connections to help customers

    Engineering Architecture

    engineering help on-demand

    Need advice on how to structure your software product, design your software new architecture or select the technologies you will use to build? Need a prototype? Want to put in place an effective development process? Talk to us.


    Starts at 500RMB/hour (First hour is free)

    Startup Incubation

    Find your market fit with lean startup techniques

    Have an idea and some angel investment but looking at testing it on the market through zero-development prototypes? Need someone to move from ideation to prototype?


    Starts at 5,000RMB/month


    validate the software development processes of your partners

    Looking at investing into a startup? Evaluating whether to acquire a startup? Want to validate that a partner is using modern software development processes and methodologies? We can audit engineering teams, evaluate their performance relative to industry benchmarks and make recommendations for improvements.


    Starts at 50,000RMB/audit

    Referrals & Placement

    need to grow your team?

    Searching for a CTO, a high-performance technical lead or a developer full-time or part-time? Talk to us.


    Starts at 5,000RMB per referral

    Technical Events

    create opportunities to meet partners and customers

    Need to organize, promote and host an event around a technical subject like VR or IOT? Want to promote your company tech chops through a hackathon? Need someone you can trust to sign up attendees, collect entry fees and register attendees onsite to a quality event?


    Starts at 50,000RMB all inclusive (Including free event concept design)

    Recruitment and Interviews

    Evaluate potential hires

    Need help assessing that candidates for hiring are who they are? Need assistance finding leads? Reach out to us as a neutral third-party to evaluate your candidates!


    Starts at 1000 RMB / candidate

    Corporate Training & Coaching

    improving your team skills

    Need to transfer skills to your team in web development or system administration? Want to make your employees more productive? Want to provide them with senior coaching?


    Starts at 5,000 RMB/day (Free workshop brainstorming session)

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