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    Ricky Ng-Adam

    Founder of #Coderbunker

    Ricky is the founder of #Coderbunker. He is also the co-founder of Xinchejian, the first Hackerspace in China. In the last few years, he has worked as a tech consultant for many different start-up companies.


    Edward Miller

    Generated Worlds

    Edward Miller is an American computer programmer who has been involved in several games and software development companies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied & Computational Mathematics from the University of Washington.



    Julien Choulet

    Technology enthusiast

    Julien graduated from a top-10 national French engineering school and from INSEAD, the top-4 international MBA. He is a technology enthusiast dedicated to bringing e-business initiatives to the next level. With more than 15 years of experience in defining business requirements and leading IT projects, he has helped start-ups and MNCs alike define and implement the best solutions targeted to their business needs.

    Stephane Vernede


    Stephane is CEO and co-founder of Enwise a company producing modular and connected organic waste digesters. His software skills are centered around data analysis including IoT data collection, statistics, machine learning, and numerical simulation.

    Rogerz Zhang

    Human, Not Octopus

    Rogerz is a full stack developer who solves your problem. Graduated from Tsinghua University with a Master's degree in EE, he is always passionate about open source activities and enjoys collaborative coding with intelligent people. He is also proud of being a father of twins, a boy and a girl :-)

    Tim Riley

    #audio #games #crypto

    Develops mobile, VR, and mixed reality experiences in Unity and three.js. Tinkers with applications and smart contracts running on blockchain and blockchain-less technologies.

    William(Jae Seong) Kim

    A little bit of everything

    William is a student of SMIC private school. He loves programming in general and is currently leading the computer club in his school. He is one of the founding members of #CoderBunker

    Sylvain Verly

    Multi potentiolite

    Sylvain graduated from Edinburgh University with a Master Degree in Informatics. He is a data enthusiast and an avid programmer. He is also one of the coaches of the Shanghai Underwater Hockey Team. He likes to bring innovative ideas to make the bunker a better place to work.

    Nathan Fang

    Fravle the arvadent

    Nathan is a full stack developer and information system consultant, experienced in analyzing, designing and implementing web applications, and providing advice on information system issues. He holds a Master Degree in Information Technology from Monash University. He is also an amateur bass player and a private violin tutor.

    Tien Zhao

    Make it, break it.

    Tien is a maker in Grade 11, organizer of High School Hackathon Shanghai. He's interested in Arduino and 3D modeling, as well as the campus promotion of maker movement.

    Jerry Tang

    Robotics engineer

    A Robotics Engineer and entrepreneur specialized in computer software and control system development. Majorly uses C, C++, C# and Java programming language to develop control system on robots and matching UI Apps on Windows or Android platform. Also familiar with Mechanical Systems design, 3D printing technology, and Electronics. Interested in Artificial Intelligence, robot technology, and drones.

    Frederic Bazin

    Web scraping addict, refactoring fanatic

    Frederic is CEO of Cloverise, specialized in data problems. 25 year in coding, love software engineering, enjoy learning every day.

    Show me your code, I'll tell who you are...

    Anja Ishmukhametova

    Just a Girl. ʕ•̫͡•ʔ-̫͡-ʕ•͓͡•ʔ-̫͡-ʕ•͡•ʔ-̫͡x-ʕ•͓͡•ʔ

    She is a Russian computer programmer. 10 year in coding, like learning every day. She holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from the Siberian Federal University, a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing from the Higher School of Economics of Moscow. ​Everything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    Alberto Galán

    Linux defender and OpenSource lover

    Alberto Galan is a Spanish technology enthusiastic with a focus on HPC as a tool to resolve daily problems for common people. Graduated in three different areas: Electronic Engineering, Market Research, and Politics & Philosophy. He can apply this knowledge to complex problems.

    Luciano Hanyon Wu

    Machine Learner

    Luciano speaks many languages: Italian, English, Chinese, Japanese. Full stack web/mobile developer with Nodejs, Reactjs, react-native. Currently studying Machine Learning, with a possible focus on Natural Language Processing.

    Fabiola Cabrera

    Front End Developer

    Fabiola is a freelance front-end developer and a full time high school teacher. She is proficient in CSS3/HTML5/jQuery and also has great understanding of Ruby on Rails magic. In her free time, she spoils her two cats and looks for the best avocado deals in Shanghai.

    Gregory Orton

    Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy ...

    Having been a barman, market trader, IT support officer, sys admin, teacher, manager and now copy editor it's time for Gregory, level 60 Jack-of-all-trades to choose a specialisation. With strong skills in design, development and digital learning, Gregory is focused on full stack development and moving into Swift on iOS.

    Kangming Chen


    Doing marketing for a tech startup, loving language and music, now looking for new inspiration in coding.

    Karl Xu

    Data Scientist

    Karl is experienced in web development, and is passionate about data science. Now he is a certificated machine learning pioneer.

    Aldi Abduali

    Front End, Web VR Developer

    Aldi is a developer with mixed background majoring in Business Administration, minoring in Photography and Filmography. Socially active as UNICEF volunteer and peer educator for the last 7 years educating teens in rural areas of his native Kazakhstan. According to him, he got “Mad cooking skills”.

    Alex Su

    Product Enthusiast

    Alex is a project manager in an e-commerce service company. His passion for building useful and high-quality products had him start learning frontend and backend development. He thinks there’s nothing more enjoyable than building his own products by his own hands.

    Alexis Lutun

    IOT developer

    Alexis is a graduate from EPITECH currently working for ALTYOR, an IOT company in Shanghai.

    Simon Moisy

    VR, Unity3D

    Simon is passionate about research and development, and likes to push the boundaries of possibilities. His two main predilection domains are Computer Vision and 3D realtime programming - specifically using Unity3D. After working on Shanghai Disney Resort attractions project, he created the Sokaris Interactive, a company specialized in creating interactive systems.

    Romain Asnar

    iOS developer

    Romain is an iOS developer with 4 years experience and he is the CEO of LaBase -an accelerator in Marseille, France. Its goal is to help entrepreneurs and to make great products fast. Time is money and bad choices cost time. He loves writing articles about entrepreneurship and mobile development on Medium.

    Shuyu Wu

    Web Developer

    Shuyu is a full stack JavaScript developer and has couple of years of experience for digital marketing. She's also an avid electronic music fan and went to hundreds of gigs. Currently she is part of the freelancing team at Coderbunker.

    Thimo Visser

    Software Engineer

    Thimo is a passionate Student whom is currently studying computer science at Saxion. He is an aspiring specialist in artificial intelligence, data science and back-end development

    Yangyang Xu

    Data Scientist

    Currently Yangyang is the executive assistant at Coderbunker. Majoring in psychology and neuroscience, she has two-year experience in MATLAB and R programming for data analysis.

    Abhishek Kumar


    Abhishek is an engineer with 17 years professional development experience in Finance & Telecom. He has worked with multiple languages & frameworks at OS, Network, App Backend & Front-end levels.

    Dmitry Kazakov

    Software Engineer

    Dmitry is a software engineer with focus on Android development. He has Master degree in computer science from Voronezh State University and has been doing software development since 2010 in tech consultancy and product companies. Now as a member of Coderbunker he provides custom unique solutions from pre-sales till final delivery.

    Philip Mackenzie

    Data Analyst

    Philip is a British psychology graduate who enjoys painting, drawing, yoga and learns new things everyday. He is now studying for a Masters in software engineering in Nanjing. His current research focuses on applying NLP (natural language processing) technology to improve the output value of systematic literature reviews in SE.

    Joseph Beltrami


    Joseph is a freelance developer working mostly with Front-End (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, bootstrap), Back-End (Node.js, Python, C, postgresql, Flask, Django, Django CMS, Linux) and Node-Red. He comes from a business background with experience in sales and finance. Fluent in Italian, English. Work experience in China, Italy, US, and UK.

    Berlina Li

    Creative Coder

    Berlina is a front end-web developer specialized in web animation with p5.js. She also collaborates with media artists. She holds an MSc degree in Arts & NGO Management and previously worked as program manager of Arduino in China. Check out her website for more info.

    Mihai Plesa

    DevOps Consultant

    Mihai is the director of Here to Optimize, a company specialized on holistic automation and optimization of processes. He deals with continuous integration and delivery, configuration management and monitoring, SaaS infrastructure, cloud migration of legacy apps and containerization of distributed systems. He spends his time between London and China.

    Lukas Helebrandt

    Linux sysadmin

    Lukas is a free/libre software enthusiast who turned his hobby into his job. Interested in security and privacy, detail-oriented, he designs and manages secure, well-monitored, highly available and properly backed-up systems.

    Bartlomiej Grasza

    Data Science

    Bart has 12+ years experience working in the IT industry taking on several roles ranging from Project/Account Manager, through Developer to System Administrator. Likes to broaden his knowledge by playing with various, but not closely related technologies like docker, semantic web, microservices. Big fan of Scrum/Agile. His adventure with Data Science is mainly focused on Deep Learning for NLP using Python.

    Giuseppe Tomasello

      Web Developer

    Giuseppe is a full stack web developer in Nodejs and Angular 2. He holds a Multiple Master’s Degree in International Management and a background in Marketing and Engineering. He is currently working on a human language learning assistant tool centered around machine learning. He is interested in expanding his knowledge in DeepLearning and NLP.

    Jared Kobos

    Front-end developer

    Jared is a front-end developer with experience in Angular, Vue and React. He is currently studying machine learning and full-stack development with Node. He currently works as a content writer for an international education company. By day, Jared is a writer at a major education company, where he tries to figure out the best ways to motivate students and improve educational outcomes. By night, he studies machine learning and writes Vue.js code to figure out even better ways to motivate students and improve educational outcomes.    

    Alex Michaud

    Full stack developer

    Alex is a full stack developer and the founder of Red Door, a platform that helps expats find an apartment in China. He has a passion to create software that solves a real-life problem. Most of his current work is done in Javascript (nodejs, yeah!) but he also has a soft spot for database systems. He holds a degree in computer science from the Université de Montréal.

    Michael Shi

    Founder of Pingzapper

    Michael is Founder of Pingzapper and software developer, He has 10 years experience in software development, 5 years experience in DevOps and network infrastructure, main focus in full stack web development ( Ruby on Rails, Node )


    Douglas Wright

    Front End Developer

    Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as the jQuery library and just starting to get a hang of React.js. Doug is looking for projects that will both strengthen his current Front End abilities as well as present new challenges as he works towards mastery of Full Stack web development. You can checkout his past projects on his portfolio page.


    Ross Cournoyer

    Web Developer

    Ross is a coder from the US with a background in teaching, management, and customer service. A first-hand understanding of the opportunities/challenges in these fields is what inspires his projects, and his approach to solving them. He is proficient with Javascript (Node, Express), API development/integration, Linux, and much more.


    Nelson Zhang

    Hardware engineer

    10 years hardware engineering experience: Embedded design, Firmware engineering, Manufacturing and logistics, and End-to-end product development. Languages: C, Python, Javascript, Assembly, and Verilo.

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