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    Tech centric

    Tech startups by enterprising engineers with business support from the incubator.

    Software innovation as the key differentiator

    Software is the engine of modern companies and successful companies are built on top of successful software.

    Grow your own engineering team

    Part of the Coderbunker community where we grow our own talent through co-learning led by a community of selected experienced developers.

    All included

    Includes technical leadership, co-working space (Agora Space) and a full support package.

    Learn Startup

    Test your methodology, focus on your product while receiving valuable administrative, marketing, financial and business development support.


    • Flexible monthly retainer (cancellable anytime) from 5,000RMB/month to 30,000 RMB/month and up.
    • Spend your retainer on engineering resources, online services, coworking services and consulting.
    • Join a growing community of tech experts.
  • our startups

    Founded by engineers, driven by innovation


    Network acceleration for online gaminG

    Pingzapper is a network service with the goal to help online gamers decrease network latency and increase bandwidth, resulting in a faster and smoother gameplay experience. Pingzapper also adds industry standard encryption for added security. A companion app for Windows desktop is used to access the service. Pingzapper targets gamers globally with over 40 servers operating across 17 cities around the world.


    internet connected organic waste digester

    Enwise produces modular and Internet connected organic waste digester for the food distribution industry and the agro-industry.


    Enwise's organic waste digesters transform waste into electricity and monetizable fertilizer. The digesters are installed next to the waste production site and are remote managed through the Internet.


    By co-locating waste treatment on the waste production site we allow for on-the-fly sorting, reduce transportation costs and reduce electricity transfer losses. This dramatically increases the overall recycling efficiency.


    Waste producers obtain financial benefits from their waste and become actors of its proper treatment.


    Enwise solution integrates embedded systems, programmable logic controllers, cloud data storage and a mobile real-time monitoring application.



    Officehou.rs is “Yellow Pages Meet Skype” - an online marketplace for customers to meet and hire local businesses via on-demand videochat.

    For consumers, officehou.rs provides a simpler, more elegant solution to connect with local businesses by offering a local directory of video-enabled providers, real-time calendar scheduling, and the ability to meet face-to-face via videochat - all within a single-click solution.

    For businesses, we offer customer lead generation in a format that is both easy to understand and delivered on-demand per a provider’s availability. By enabling businesses to spend more time with customers and less time stuck in traffic, businesses can focus on their core services to grow their business at scale.

    Red Door

    Smart apartment search

    Red Door is an app that help you find a great apartment! 


    Red Door:

    • includes all the online ads in China
    • has search-able data through maps and filters
    • provides a algorithmic trust score for each ad 
    • has a background smart search with email notification 
    • automatically filters out the fake ads
    Easy to use and accurate: don't spend hours searching for the perfect apartment - let our bot do that work for you!

    Finer Games

    mobile games studio

    Finer Games is an experienced design studio that believes in a user-centered and iterative approach to creative work. Finer Games thinks differently about what it means to make a “game”. Whether it’s an intimate single player experience, the newest multiplayer hotness, or a casual puzzler, they build with playful, meaningful purpose. Finer Games developed 2 mobile titles (Operation Soccer Storm and Qwoppy Bird) as part-time projects, and are currently working on their first major mobile release: Funny Mice League.


    Get Fit. Kick ass. At home or the gym.

    Overhand is a sports and IoT company founded to bring the benefits of a boxer’s training to all fitness enthusiasts, using a combination of advanced motion trackers, pattern matching analysis, and gamification.


    ‘KROSS’ is a virtual private boxing coach powered by trackers that helps boxers track performance and progress with real time training feedback. ‘KROSS box’ is a boxing-for-fitness group class designed by a boxing world champion and powered by trackers, that adds a visual dimension and gamified experience to group fitness training.


    Password Synchronization Made Simple

    iGoodworks is the maker of Simply Sync, an enterprise solution which allows organizations to sync Active Directory Passwords to cloud software systems such as Office 365, Google Apps, LDAP, or other cloud directories. It is a fantastic identity management solution for Providers and Enterprises requiring a solution that is both fast and cost-effective.


    Established in 2013, iGoodworks is the joint effort of Cloud hosting veterans with decades of experience in building enterprise scale products. We currently support hundreds of clients in 12 different countries world-wide, and strive ourselves in developing secure, easy-to-use software while providing amazing support.



    Custom database made simple

    Build and control: Get up and running in a matter of minutes. Customise your database and get full control over your architecture.


    API access: build your database and your data becomes immediately accessible. No coding, no configuration. Get rid of your backend developer!

    • Website: https://nuodata.io
    • Founder: Sylvain Verly
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