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    Coderbunker is a community of enthusiast people sharing ideas, projects and knowledge about tech in Shanghai. This thriving city is experiencing a boom in terms of economic and technological development. This is the ideal place for professionals, future entrepreneurs, maniacs or just curious people about technological novelties to meet and discuss.


    To make this possible and facilitate connections between those actors, we organize weekly events to discuss various topics about technology: artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, digital marketing, IoT...


    The speakers as well as the audience come from different horizons: both professional and passionate, they share issues encountered in their business and the way they solved them through an interactive discussion and open questions.


    This empirical approach often leads to new ideas and sometimes collaborations on future projects.


    Each event is also an occasion to meet people with the same interests, share a friendly moment and stay connected through networking.  

  • Our events

    Sharing, Networking and casual spirit is our Leitmotiv

    Welcoming Audience

    Check-in of participants

    Networking — Foods and Drinks

    A casual time to introduce one's self with all the audience


    1 to 2 hours

    Open questions


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  • Past Events

    Main topics

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing by Gabriel Talbot Lachance

    Machine and deep learning by Bart Grasza and Mohammed Ben-Thaier



    Blockchain technology

    Blockchain and cryptocurrency by Philip Bruland

    Microconsulting on Blockchain by Dmitry Kasakov

    Blockchain bridging logic and and value by Matthews Spoke

    Practical Mining Experience by Anja Ishmukhametova


    Digital Marketing

    Wechat Marketing by Joseph Leveque

    Growth hacking for startups by Shuyu Wu

    Internet Of Things

    Internet of Things and EdTech by Eduardo Alarcon Gallo


    Professionals and data science experts, they share their experiences with us.

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    Gabriel Talbot Lachance

    CEO of EVO Intelligence

    Gabriel Talbot Lachance is the CEO of EVO Intelligence, an organization specialized in A.I. training. Gabriel has more than 15 years of experience as a creative technologist and has managed major creative projects around the world. He considered himself a person connecting the dots, identifying how to bring business value by leveraging technology in a creative and cost-effective manner.

    Joseph Leveque

    Co-founder of 31Ten

    Joseph Leveque is the co-founder of 31 Ten, a future forward digital agency focused on China’s fast moving digital ecosystem and consumers. He has combined his experience as a corporate strategy consultant for fortune 500 companies with his passion for digital and entrepreneurship. After 10 years on the field, he now helps businesses to grow on the Chinese market through digital transformation and by constantly exploring the latest opportunities, tools and what emerging technologies can offer.

    Ricky Ng-Adam

    Founder of Coderbunker

    Ricky Ng-Adam is the founder of Coderbunker, an international community founded 2016 that helps talented software developers grow into successful freelancers. Passionate about robotics and Linux, he became the co-founder of the SONIA Autonomous Robot Submarine (sonia.etsmtl.ca) at his university. He has worked as a tech consultant for many startup companies, including Lophilo, Letsface, Tradesparq, The Carevoice, EIC, Agora Space Cloverise. Ricky is also the co-founder of Xinchejian, the first Hackerspace in China.

    Jean-Paul Smets

    CEO of Nexedi

    After graduating in mathematics and computer science at ENS (Paris), Jean-Paul Smets started his career as a civil servant at the French Ministry of Economy. He then left government to start a small company called “Nexedi” where he developed his first Free Software, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) designed to manage the production of swimsuits in the North of France.



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