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    Collaborative learning sessions where you learn from advanced facilitators, follow self-paced online curriculums and help one another succeed

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  • Meet the Community

    Nathan Fang

    “I joined CoderBunker in its early days. It's a unique community where anyone who is interested in technology can exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, seek for advise, run hackathon or workshops, or simply have fun.”

    Dante Perea

    “Coderbunker offers the opportunity to learn, work and grow together with great people in a friendly environment. Being a part of the community is a unique experience that anyone passionate about learning will enjoy.”

    Rogerz Zhang

    “It is a cool space for coders, full of technology atmospheres. It is a place you can learn and grow. A great platform for freelancers to develop their career. A trustable, professional consultant service provider.”

  • Community Activities

    Here at Coderbunker, we host events for everything and anything tech-related

    You name it, we have it!

    Tech Talks and Workshops

    From Free Introduction to Coding workshops to WeChat mini programs, AR/VR Panel Discussions and more!

    Bootcamps and Hackathons

    4 weeks of intensive training working on real-life projects

    Coming soon: Oct 2019

    Hire a Mentor

    A dynamic and flexible weekly learning programme for anyone looking to learn how to code alongside an experienced developer

    Engineering at..

    A platform for companies to engage with an international developer pool through Company Introduction and networking

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