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  • - What is FreeCodeCamp? -


    FreeCodeCamp is an open source community that helps you learn to code, you can start from the very beginning, work through coding challenges, build projects and get certifications from freecodecamp, and then have a job as a developer.

    Learn more at: https://www.freecodecamp.org


    - Requirements -

    • Open to beginners keen on learning HTML5/CSS/Javascript/Node.js/Express.js, some previous programming skill is a bonus but not a requirement.
    • Being able to spend time and effort on your learning (Weekly commitment of studying hours).
    • You’ll be coding, so bring a laptop each time. Preferably with Linux/Mac OS installed. 

    - Goal -

    Front End:

    • To be able to code and design your own website
    • To be able to code projects such as: Weather website, Wikipedia Viewer, Twitch.tv JSON API, Tic Tac Toe game, Javascript calculator, Pomodoro Clock etc.
    • Read code and understand JS/CSS and HTML5.
    Back End:
    • To be able to use the Javascript console and use Automatic testing/debugging.
    • Start/Work with a Node.js server.
    • Build Web Applications with Express.js
    • Store data on MongoDB.
    • Create API Development Projects such as a URL Shortener microservice, Timestamp microservice, File Metadata microservice, etc.
    • Build Dynamic Web Application Projects such as a Voting App, charting the Stock Market, building a Pinterest Clone and many more.

    - Our co-learners -

    "It's exciting to see how ideas are implemented with code. It's an endeavour that requires a rare blend of precision and creativity. It can certainly be frustrating at times, but it's also highly rewarding. When I'm struggling through them, I can post my problem on the forum and get help from co-learners."

    ----Minyang Wang

    (Achieved a score of 348, coming in at second rank.)

  • - Pricing -

    Starts from 1160RMB a month with a weekly Saturday co-learning session.

  • - Facilitators -

    Frederic Bazin

    Frederic is skilled in web scraping and bots, Data Munging Architecture, design, R&D Refactoring and code reviews
    SCRUM and product management with 20 years experience building software, managing developers and implementing best engineering practices.

    Luciano Wu

    Luciano is a full-stack developer with 3 years experience in react. He is currently the CTO at Edugora, using react-native to build innovative applications for language learning. He will be around throughout the session to help co-learners with anything related to react. He is passionate sharing his experiences and best practices and helping developers with their projects.


    Ricky Ng-Adam

    Ricky has 20 years experience in software development and testing he has done Architecture, design, R&D, engineering team recruitment, building and coaching. Experienced in Full stack development cross-language (Javascript, Python, C/C++, shell) from frontend MVC framework (React), API servers (REST, Websockets, GraphQL), database (PostgreSQL), deployment (Linux, Ansible)

    Ross Cournoyer

    Ross has experience in process and workflow optimization, management, scheduling and CRM software, education technology as well as Javascript (Node.js, express.js, JQuery), Back-end web development, Restful API design/integration, Deployment/Hosting, Linux.

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  • - Location -

    Agora Space (1199 Panyu Road, Building 3, Underground)

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