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  • what is data science and Python?


    Data science is an interdisciplinary field that unifies statistics, data analysis, machine learning and their related methods to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured.


    Python is one of the most popular programming languages for data science, largely due to the strength of its core libraries (NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, and keras), high productivity for prototyping and building small and reusable systems, and its strength as a general-purpose programming language.

  • RULES and conditions

    Some things to know


    • Open to motivated beginners keen on learning python, some previous programming skills is a bonus.

    • Being able to spend time and effort on your learning (weekly commitment to studying hours).

    • You’ll be coding, so bring a laptop each time. Preferably with Linux/Mac OS installed. Virtual Linux machine on windows is also acceptable. If you have to use windows, we’ll figure things out.


    • Being able to write simple scripts using python.

    • Being able to read other peoples’ code.

    • Being able to search for solutions on Baidu/Google when you are stuck on a problem.

    • Solid python skill, fluent with ideas like list, dict, set, loop, generator, function, decorator, and classes.



    Bring your computer and install:

    • Python 3
    • Jupyter notebook
    • Anaconda


    • Lesson 1: Variables, Functions, Loops
      Objective: Be able to write simple functions with for loops and if statements.
    • Lesson 2: Lists, Dictionaries, Comprehensions
      Objective: Be familiar with the syntax of Python containers.
    • Lesson 3: IO operations on command lines, and file processing
      Objective: Being able to manipulate folders and text files.
    • Lesson 4: Object-oriented programming
      Objective: Understand the concept of class and objects.
    • Lesson 5: Python extras
      Objective: Understand the python advanced features: Generators and Decorators.


    Practical Real-World Applications


    Many co-learners are curious about how Python can help them in their day to day lives. One example of the real world applications of Python is used by one of our co-learners, Nipun, in which he transferred his businesses excel data into Jupyter using python pandas for data manipulation, which means he would be able to analyze data from his business with a full-blown data scientist toolset.

  • Facilitators

    Mohammed Ben-Thaier

    A software developer with 5 years experience. At ease with python and C++, he also has a mathematics background. Happy to help with programming and machine learning.

    Frederic Bazin

    CEO and data scientist at Cloverise. Co-founder of Coderbunker and Agora Space. 20 years experience building software, managing developers and implementing best engineering practices.


    A deep learning practitioner. Algorithm engineer from a major internet company. Working with computer vision, recommender engine, and NLP sentiment analysis. Enjoy deploying latest papers and theories in these areas.

    Bart Grasza

    Bart has 12+ years experience working in the IT industry taking on several roles ranging from Project/Account Manager, through Developer to System Administrator. Likes to broaden his knowledge by playing with various, but not closely related technologies like docker, semantic web, micro-services. Big fan of Scrum/Agile. His adventure with Data Science is mainly focused on Deep Learning for NLP using Python.

  • Pricing

    • 1 Day Pass: 160 RMB First Trial
    • 1 Day Pass: 320 RMB After Trial
    • 1 Month Membership: 1160 RMB

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