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SaaS startup for fitness studios built on a modern sofware stack

At Coderbunker, we have the pleasure of working with many of the forerunners in the booming Shanghai tech industry. Recently, we've started cooperating with WeFlex’s Alex Li to support his engineering team in his efforts to continue building the software engine of his business.

Alex is a graduate of NYU and in 2014, started WeFlex Fitness Management Company as a result of his passion for fitness. He’s committed to creating a SaaS that makes it easy and convenient for gym goers to book classes, make payments, and review their training history and for gym management to… manage!

WeFlex raised over 2 million USD in 3 successful rounds of foreign VC funding at substantial valuations. They serve over 300 studios and gyms across China with a goal of implementing their systems in over 1000 gyms nationwide by the end of 2017.

Alex’s vision for his engineering team is ensuring that WeFlex is using cutting edge web development tools to create the most desirable customer experience for all his users so that gym-goers can focus on having their optimal workout session.

The stack is built on Node.js, MongoDB and a React frontend. Deployment is done using Docker within the Chinese Qingcloud cloud services.

For Weflex, Coderbunker acts as collective CTO and support the existing engineering team by organizing development and discussing technology strategy. Coderbunker's team reviews code within pull requests, discuss new features, architecture and implementation, helps with testing, automation and quality improvement. We also promote Weflex in the developers community while connecting Weflex with partners, investors and developers.

Weflex engineering team has adopted a weekly sprint development process based on the use of Github Projects. Some of the current challenges are to increase the production-grade level of the code, ensure smooth scaling and add features that help gyms be more successful on the market

The startup operates in a very Silicon Valley style environment; think startup lectures, coworking community, and unlimited beer! It also has an exciting opportunity to integrate closely with the increasingly smart gym equipment to record gym members workouts directly to the cloud.

WeFlex is currently looking for a full-time Fullstack Engineer. If you are interested, feel free to reach out to either Ricky Ng-Adam (Coderbunker's founder) or Christine Liu (interim Product Manager) from Coderbunker to discuss a role within the WeFlex team.

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