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Urban Data Challenge Day 1

Play with data, get ideas for smarter cities

· Hackathon,Data,UTSEUS

Starting from today at Coderbunker 47 Chinese and international students, from 19 to 26 years old, from six different schools and 7 different countries are coopeting (Blend of cooperate +‎ compete) in a 30-hour hackathon. This ‘Urban Data Challenge’ is an opportunity for them to learn the process of converting available raw urban data into innovation opportunities for smart(er) cities.

All geolocalized data covering transportation, entertainment, social activities and well-being are provided by ComplexCity Lab and partners such as CENDUS and Mobike.

Developing smart, useful, user-friendly, and monetizable solutions in such an intensive, limited timeframe is really challenging… but they do not seem intimidated ! Willing to learn, experiment and have fun, the participants quickly understood that the best teams are the ones that will leverage the creativity and collective intelligence of a clever mix : engineers (also called “Hackers”), salesman/managers (the “Hustlers”) and designers (the “Hedonists”).

After a fruitful brainstorming session, students came up with dozens of ideas. They formed seven teams based on common interests, got to know one another, and start working together to turn their ideas into potential profitable business which will really serve defined target users. In parallel, they had to think how to manipulate available data to get the best answers to their problem.

After the first 8 hours, the following step was to turn their problems into mathematical formula in order to launch their machine learning algorithms in the night.

In a friendly and collaborative atmosphere, the students get a chance to work closely on their project with academics and industry professionals specialized in machine learning, data mining and visualization, business modeling, mobile marketing, interactive design, project management and more.

The Hackathon will conclude on Saturday with a presentation and demo of students’ solutions. We invite you to join us from 3:45pm to discover vibrant ideas from the student and talk with the experts directly.

Author: Jessica Kohler from UTSEUS

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