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 The evolution of VR


VR technology was heavy and not immersive. There's no technological breakthrough. However, someone was excited about the future of VR. They believed  bringing reality to virtual means infinity and decided  to figure out how to achieve it. With the advancement of technology, VR events have been spreading wildly scaling from Silicon Valley. Community grew fast, attracting investors and big players such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google.

They buy or copy. Huge amounts of money went to social media like Facebook. At  present, VR has been applied to training and educational field. Researches showed VR environment could improve children's ability to memorize things. But, educational application is yet too early. Many educational institutions are state-owned. Price of the headsets are dropping but still expensive. Besides, headsets are uncomfortable to wear for long hours. Education of kids is a long term process. It takes five years not one lesson.

In US, VR is widely used for sports training. In German, many companies make contents for Hololens. In the near future, it's possible to control everything with Hololens. Chinese VR incubators mainly focus on sports and entertainment, like creating immersive adventure experience in games. VR Berlin Brandenburg association emphasizes collaboration. It encourages people to share and tell what they are doing in VR world. Because it's a wasting of resources when people competing for the same thing, having an idea hiding from others. VR Berlin Brandenburg association aims to develop a sustainable VR industry by bringing together multiple players and their expertise in German capital region. It aims to form a virtual conglomerate that can effectively partner with international associations in the area of 360° media, virtual augmented and mixed reality. It focuses on business development, R&D, event, coworking area. Key skills for VR developing include c# and Unity/Unreal. You can contact the speaker through

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