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Preferred technologies as of October 2016

An indication of where Coderbunker focus and future is

With our participation to the SODA project, the extensive webscraping experience of our co-founding member Frederic Bazin and a wide and deep set of skills related to machine learning (neural networks) and database (PostgreSQL) we've naturally oriented ourselves to projects that have an heavy data sciences aspects.

To support the development of full applications from frontend to backend, we've researched and made choices based on our collective experience.

This is an indication of our preferred technology stacks for development:

  • Github: source control, issues management, code review processes, wiki documentation
  • HTML5: includes Javascript (with focus on ECMAScript 6), CSS, HTML
  • Linux: favored operating system server side (although we mostly develop on Mac OS X). All flavors of Linux, but preference towards Ubuntu (14.04 and 16.04 LTS) with some projects on OpenWRT for routers
  • Meteor (includes NodeJS, MongoDB): all-in-one full stack web development with Javascript client and server-side
  • Postgresql: our favorite relational database
  • Python: ideal for data sciences, backend processing, testing framework, web scraping
  • React and React Native: preferred frontend framework for web and mobile (iOS and Android) development
  • Semantic UI: an alternative to Twitter Bootstrap
  • Unity: game, VR, advanced visualizations development
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