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Open Data Shanghai Dec 10-11

Techyizu & Coderbunker

Welcome to the first edition of Open Data Shanghai on December 10th - 11th. The event is hosted by Techyizu in collaboration with Coderbunker! Open Data Shanghai is a data-focused Hackathon where participants will be given data sets and 24 hours to "hack it". For people who are new to Data Science there will also be educational talks by experienced data analysts.

欢迎来到第一届开放数据•上海. 这届活动将会在12月10日-11日举办。 开放数据•上海是一个专注于数据的黑客马拉松,我们会提供数据库给参与者,然后要求在24小时内完成数据分析。对于第一次接触数据科学的人来说,还可以参加经验丰富的数据分析师的教育讲座。


Date and Time

Main sessions: Saturday, 10 December, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM & Sunday, 11 December, 10:00AM - 6:00 PM.

After 5:00PM on Saturday and 6:00PM on Sunday, you are welcome to stay and practise your new skills.

周六,12月10日,下午2点到5点和 周日,12月11日,上午10点到下午6点。


Session Topics:

- Event Introduction

- Introduction to Kaggle & Jupyter & Datasets by Luciano Hanyon Wu

- Introduction to R Programming and data visualization by Yangyang Xu

- Applied pandas for data transformation by Aurelien Pettit

- Tensorflow for Poets by Jinsheng Wang

- Data Science Applied in Startups by TJ Spross

- Pragmatic Natural Language Processing (NLP) by Matt Fortier

-Overview on World Bank APIs and its application by Juha Suomalainen

Speakers' Profile

Gabriel Paquin is a team builder. He is motivated by getting people working together, where everyone can learn, challenge themselves and outgrow their skill sets.


Luciano Hanyon Wu is a Full stack web/mobile developer with Node.js, React.js redux, react-native. He works as a freelancer at Coderbunker. Currently, he is interested in Deep Learning and Neural Networks.

Yangyang Xu is a neuro-scientist and data analyst. She has two-year experience in Matlab and R programming. Currently, she is the executive assistant at Coderbunker.

Aurélien Petit is a full stack developer at EIC education.


Jingsheng Wang is a Drupal and Docker engineer, Google Summer of Code and Code-in Mentor, and CEO@INsReady.

TJ Spross is a Matlab practitioner turned R guru. TJ is now a practicing python Data Scientist with waning R and Matlab skills. At Italki, he works on streamlining the analytics solution using Hadoop technologies, Luigi, and the AWS cloud.

Burness Duan (Shishi Duan) is a deep learning engineer, currently he is working at UCloud. He is a contributor in MXnet, TFlearn Top 4 and Tensorflow. He is an expert in distributional deep learning framework. Now he focuses on research concerning Computer Vision Algorithm.


Matt Fortier is a jack-of-all-trades data geek and python hacker currently focusing his attention on NLP and Big Data. Contributor to gensim, dask and dedupe python libraries, he is currently Lead R&D Engineer at PatSnap, working on Record De-duplication and Information Extraction problems on huge legal corpuses on the AWS cloud.

Read more at:

Juha Suomalainen is an engineer and spends most of his time at the intersection of engineering, design and user needs at his work at Wiredcraft. He also has passion for data and coding when ever opportunity presents itself. He is especially familiar with World Bank API's since he was working on their open data platform project.

More talks to be confirmed.

During the workshops, we have mentors and coaches at the Coderbunker to assist you with data analysis. Join us and have fun with data. If you cannot make it in person, we will record the talks online.

If you have any questions or interested in joining the event, scan the QR code below and join our Wechat group.

如果您对活动有任何问题,欢迎扫一扫下面的二维码,加入我们Open Data Shanghai的微信群组,我们欢迎您的加入。

You can also register on Meetup, 请提前在Meetup报名:

We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Coderbunker - 

1199 Panyu Road, building 3, underground, near Kaixuan rd.  

Subway - Yishan Road (宜山路地铁站) line 3/4/9
Subway - Hongqiao Road (虹桥路地铁站) line 3/4/10


Thanks to our sponsors

感谢我们的赞助商支持 (能让所有人免费参与)

If you are interested in sponsoring Techyizu, please contact

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Coderbunker value to customers

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Coderbunker value to freelancers

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• Focusing on individual growth

• Opportunity for rich environment

• Association to a well-known brand

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