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Notes from Strikingly SXL Workshop

Saturday, July 30th 2016 at Coderbunker

We had the pleasure to welcome Zilar Lee to Coderbunker for a short presentation about their company, their product and a workshop. Strikingly's Zilar Lee is working as business development and community manager specifically for SXL.

Strikingly, known in China as SXL (上线了), is a website builder that allows users with little or no development experience to create their own websites within minutes. The websites built by SXL are enhanced for viewing across all devices including PC, Pad and smartphone.

SXL.CN is a great platform to create websites in China. The interface is easy to use and has unique designs.
- Fabiola Cabrera, developer at Coderbunker Services.

How did Strikingly go from a startup to a company whose users are over 200 countries in only two years?According to their CTO, Dafeng, it was due to three core ideas: never giving up, building half a product and gathering super fans. Sometimes there is insufficient time for teams to complete a whole product, so just “build half a product” to test and collect feedbacks and being aware of who are your loyal fans as their opinions are the biggest competitive advantage for a team.

In SXL, every programmer is part of the support team because they must know what it is their customers really need. Realizing their customers’ requests, using simple solutions and iterating fast are the keys as to why SXL can gain customers’ trust so fast.

In her workshop, Zilar introduced us to their Chinese version of the website, Because of the unique requirements of the Chinese Internet, such as requiring a license for all website publishers called ICP (Internet Content Provider) license (备案 bèi'àn) and blocking some of the well known resources to most worldwide developers (such as Google Fonts), this version has been adapted to the needs of website publishers in China.

Setting up a new website is easy; register, select one of the plans (personal, business or enterprise). You can start with a month-long trial. You can then select a template and start editing right away with a rich number of prebuilt sections.

Many of the questions from the audience had to do with multilingual support, both in the editor and in the website created.

Checkout for some more information on Zilar's workshop.

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