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New Machine Learning courses @Coderbunker!

Have you heard about AlphaGo becoming the world’s best Go player? Or about Artificial Intelligence software teaching itself how to play Atari games based only on visual input?

There are many very well known examples of machine learning applications: AlphaGo is becoming the world’s best Go player, there is also AI deep learning to play Atari games based only on visual input and a variety of speech and visual recognition systems have seen great improvements recently.


The goal of the new machine learning courses are to not just tell you all about machine learning technology but show you how to do apply that technology to real problems.


Machine learning allows tasks that are too complex for humans to code directly to be solved. These tasks are generally relatively easy for humans: such as image recognition, estimating housing prices, drive cars. Defining these into code is difficult, but machine learning allows us to arrive at statistical solutions.

If you feel excited about this new area of software development, and want to be part of the journey of engineers that make these things real, we are here to help you.

We start with a special session to introduce two new Machine Learning courses to all interested. One is a long awaited Machine Learning course for beginners. The second is Reinforcement Learning course for beginners. We will also provide two preparation courses about basics we need before starting Machine Learning. All are welcome and we will be happy to take your questions. (No need to bring your computer.)

- Intructors -

Bart Grasza, has 12+ years experience working in the IT industry taking on several roles ranging from Project/Account Manager, through Developer to System Administrator. Likes to broaden his knowledge by playing with various, but not closely related technologies like docker, semantic web, micro-services. Big fan of Scrum/Agile. His adventure with Data Science is mainly focused on Deep Learning for NLP using Python.

Raynard, a deep learning practitioner. Algorithm engineer from a major internet company. Working with computer vision, recommender engine and NLP sentiment analysis. Enjoy deploying latest papers and theories in these area.

Mohammed Ben-Thaier is a software developper with 5 years experience. At ease with python and C++, he also has a good background in mathematics. He will help you to get the thought process you need to get stuff done in programming and machine learning.


- Time -

December 16th, Saturday morning


- Agenda -

10:30 check-in

11:00 introduction to curriculum

11:15 Q&A

12:00 grab a drink and chit chat


- Price -

Free meeting


- Join us -

Scan QR code join the conversation.

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- About Coderbunker -

CoderBunker is an open community of software developers in a shared physical space focused on growth and success. We help these talented developers grow into successful freelancers and we help companies getting the right resource at the right price at the right time. 

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