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Meet Thimo in this week's colearning session

Thimo Visser's Interview

Coderbunker: Welcome to Coderbunker Thimo! Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Thimo: Hey I’m Thimo Visser,  a computer science student from the Netherlands. I’m here for an internship at CoderBunker. I’m interested in developing my skills in the fields of Data Science, Back-end development with my main focus being Artificial Intelligence. I have got over two-and-a-half years of coding experience.

Coderbunker: What projects are you working on right now?

Thimo: Since joining CoderBunker I have worked on multiple projects. Currently I’m working on setting up the workflow and search function using natural language processing for an Android application for EIC. I’m helping a fellow member Edward Miller develop his video game, Helios 2400 as well. For this project I’ve been put in charge of creating AI using algorithms such as A*. Next to that I’ve also been working on other tasks such as asset-management and loading. Previously during the internship I have worked on a community management tool for Hackerspaces and I have developed my own neural network from scratch that learns using my own evolutionary algorithm concept. During my spare time I’m taking a Coursera course to improve my knowledge in machine-learning and artificial intelligence.

Coderbunker: Why did you join Coderbunker?

Thimo: I’m trying to obtain working experience next to my degree to give myself a strong position on the (freelance) market. I believed doing an internship at CoderBunker was just what I was looking for and I was correct.

Coderbunker: What do you expect to get from being part of the community?

Thimo: I love being surrounded by fellow coding enthusiasts, helping other people with their problems and having someone to help me if needed as well. All the members of the community are enjoying what they are doing and the enthusiasm they all bring just makes for a very nice working environment. I enjoy being in this community and as long as the community remains like this I will thoroughly enjoy being a part of it.

Thimo with Freeman at Meteor Meetup

Coderbunker: How is the Coderbunker experience so far? Do you enjoy working here?


Thimo: I really enjoy working at CoderBunker. The working space is very spacious. They have clean air, monitors, free coffee, a stocked up fridge, tons of work opportunities and most important of all a very friendly, helpful and inviting community.


Quotation from Edward Miller (member of Coderbunker, Thimo’s colleague): Thimo's work has been satisfactory and on-time.

Path finding example, it takes a non-optimal looking path as some tiles are more expensive to walk through/ are impassable. But it is the most optimal path.

Co-learning session this Saturday

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• 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM (every Saturday)


• 160 RMB for 1 session
• 140 RMB (discount for 5 sessions)
• 130 RMB (discount for 10 sessions)
• 110 RMB (discount for 20 sessions)
• 90 RMB (discount for 50 sessions)

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Coderbunker is an open community of software developers in a shared physical space focused on growth and success. We help these talented developers grow into successful freelancers and we help companies getting the right resource at the right price at the right time. We have 30 members growing at the rate of 2 members a month and leads for hundreds of projects in the last year.

Coderbunker value to customers

• Right resource at the right price at the right time

• Talented developers from different disciplines with range of skills and levels

• Shared engineering practices, tooling and expectations

Coderbunker value to freelancers

• Mentoring and coaching, focuses on person-to-person interactions to both build teams and find customers.

• Focusing on individual growth

• Opportunity for rich environment

• Association to a well-known brand

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