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May 12th, Co-Learning Featuring Python Web Scraping

Every Saturday 9 am to 6 pm

Co-Learning is cooperative learning (co-learning) sessions in a work environment where participants learn from advanced facilitators, follow self-paced online curriculums and help each other succeed. We create a good environment for learning with peers, offer opportunities to apply skills to real projects and coach new developers to use industry standard practices. Find out the details, co-learning tracks and facilitators on our website:

Co-Learning Activities

09:00-18:00 – Self Paced Co-Learning
Follow your own course and discuss with other co-learners or facilitators when you need help. Share your achievements, ask our senior engineers for career recommendation and join our teams on Open Source project. We open at 9 am but you can join us whenever from 9 am to 6 pm.

14:00-16:00 – Python for Data Science: Web Scraping and Reshaping Data
By Anne-Sophie Meyer

Anne is one of the co-learner studying data science in Coderbunker. She learned the basic of Python on DataCamp and felt the courses miss something, so she prepared this workshop to fill the gap. In the afternoon, she will go through two topics: web scraping (find all the Meetup groups in Shanghai dedicated to sports) and reshaping data (revise the functions and do some exercises).

Past Co-Learning Highlights

Joining Co-Learning

  • 1 Day Pass: 160 RMB First Trial
  • 1 Day Pass: 320 RMB After Trial
  • 1 Month Membership: 1160 RMB (Full-Time Access)

If you would like to join our Co-learning, please sign up through Meetup:

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