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Let’s make ‘React-Native’ great again

React-Native meetup report

You saw React-Native on the screen.

You saw people talking and sharing.

You saw fantastic food and variable drinks.

We held the second round of React-Native meetup at Coderbunker on 12th Nov.

你看到屏幕上大写的 “React-Native ”,



Coderbunker在11月12日举行了第二次React Native分享会。

This time, we had two great speakers Ming and Neo, as well as a volunteer from the audience, Wang.


Ming, shared his experience in the transition of several development tools, from Rails to Angular to React, to Vue. During his presentation showed a truly cross-platform blogging app called Laive. The app works on android, ios, desktop, and web. The app uses common code for the logic and platform specific code for the view.


Neo has developed 2 apps using React-Native during his spare time:

* Sudoku Master

* NeoReader

Neo has been using React-Native for about 8 months. During his awesome presentation he gave an analysis on different platforms: Ionic, React, Weex. He then talked about the evolution of React-Native and upcoming features.


Wang has been a developers for more than 10 years. His company is building a real-estate rental marketplace app using React-Native.

Wang简短地介绍了一下他正在用 React-Native开发的产品,以及他以往的工作经验,同时他表示他们公司正在广纳贤才。

Many people attended the event, either developers or hobbyist, they enjoyed the event and the food. They are looking forward to the third round!


Thanks to the Organizer

Thanks to the Sponsor

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