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Learn to Build Games that Scale with Unity

Saturday, January 12, 2PM

Learn how to make games with Unity, and do it in a way that scales.

Over the last year Unity has enabled ‘performance by default’, thanks to:
- The new C# Job System which gives you a safe and easy sandbox where you can write parallel code.
- The Entity Component System (ECS) A new model for writing high-performance code by default.
- The Burst compiler which produces highly-optimized native code.

This is the start of a series workshops that will ease you into a brave new paradigm: Unity’s Entity Component System framework (ECS), a new way of creating Unity games. In the first session we’ll cover all the basics: setting up the project, downloading the required packages, and moving from an OOP mindset to a more data-oriented one with a series of simple examples.

Developing with Unity often centers around MonoBehaviours, which are a special type of class you can attach to your GameObjects. They’re great for prototyping, but developers of all skill levels often struggle with scaling them beyond the prototyping stage, as they easily become large and difficult to manage pieces of code. Over the last year, Unity has introduced a new ECS framework, which will help you scale your code and make your game more performant. For an overview of what ECS means, check out but ignore the AlphaECS bits, we’ll be using the native Unity implementation.


- Setting up the project.

- Working witha series of simple examples.

- Use the ECSframework to scale your code.


  • Interested in learning how to use Unity with a focus on programming.

  • Knowledge of C# or other object oriented programming languages.

  • A laptop with the latest version of Unity installed in advance (version 2018.3)

  • A cup of coffee (or tea)

You can download Unity here

ECS samples are here



Tim Riley Specializes in core and gameplay programming for interactive media on mobile, VR, AR and web. Tinkers with blockchain experiments in downtime.


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