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Sat. March, 24th 2018

What is Co-Learning?

Co-Learning is cooperative learning (co-learning) sessions in a work environment where participants learn from advanced facilitators, follow self-paced online curriculums and help each other succeed. We create a good environment for learning with peers, offer opportunities to apply skills to real projects and coach new developers to use industry standard practices. Check out our co-learning scoreboard on freeCodeCamp at

What are the Co-Learning Tracks?

  • Learn Front-End Development
  • Become a Full Stack Web Developer
  • Explore Data Science
  • Collaborate on Open Source Project to reach Professional Proficiency

Follow these co-learning tracks using high quality and self-paced online courses like freeCodeCamp and DataCamp. For those who completed at least 50% of the learning track, we invite you to join open source projects in small teams to experience a professional team workflow. More on projects:

Who should join Co-Learning?

People want to learn coding for many different reasons. Coderbunker Co-learning targets for individuals who would like to become a software developer and software developers who want to advance their skills or explore new technology. Join us so that we could introduce you to our community full of coding enthusiasts.

Who are the Facilitators?

We have a strong team of facilitators with high expertise in various areas, find more about them at and

Different experienced facilitators would join our co-learning sessions every week, challenge them with any questions!

  • Raynard Zhang, deep learning algorithm engineer. He can answer questions like: How to learn new complex things fast with moderate intellectual (like him)? How to pave the journey to a deep learning career without every required qualification? What are the latest cool things we can get our hands on in AI?
  • Gregory Orton, front-end developer and product owner. He will try to answer any question you have about web development and will help you make it look pretty!
  • Karl Xu, DevOps and software engineer. He is currently learning DevOps and would be happy to help you build a continuous delivery pipeline for your app with the least effort.
  • Frederic Bazin, software developers with 20 years of experience.

Co-Learning Activities

09:00-18:00 - Self Paced Co-Learning
Follow your own course, discuss with other co-learners and facilitators when you need help. Share your achievements, ask our senior engineers for career recommendation, join our teams on open source project.

09:00-12:00 – Ricky & Fred Help You Out
By Ricky Ng-Adam or Frederic Bazin

Ricky and Fred are co-founders of Coderbunker and software developers with over 20 years of experience. In order to welcome new co-learners to our community, either one of them would provide you a mentoring interview that last around 40 minutes. It can be an introduction to the learning paths for newbies or a career counselling for experienced software developers or freelancers. Please make a booking with us through Coderbunker WeChat: 18621262521. Booking beyond fixed hours is also possible.

10:00-12:00 - Vanilla "homemade" Deep Learning with Very, Very, Very Basic Numpy

By Raynard Zhang

This is an introduction to Numpy that will give you a good grasp of deep learning in 2 hours and allow you to compose your own gradient descent step. This lesson does not require sophisticated python skills but requires an understanding of loop and function in python.

14:00-15:00 Front-End App Workshop
By Gregory Orton

In this workshop, we will go through a quick how-to guide to build a foundational framework for a real and useful production standard front-end app. We will then fill it with real data. This workshop requires working knowledge of node, npm, and Javascript (including ES6 features). Please refer to the link to workshop contents:

Past Co-Learning Highlights

Joining Co-Learning

If you would like to join our co-learning, please sign up through meetup:

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