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An interview with Unity Developer and Coderbunker Member - Simon Moisy

Coderbunker: Welcome to Coderbunker Simon! Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Simon: Hello, I’m French. I’ve been working as a freelance developer since almost 7 years ago. I am specialized in Unity development and Computer Vision.

Coderbunker: What projects are you working on right now?

Simon: Currently I am working on a VR project with some Coderbunker members here. I am also working on a couple of Interactive Systems with the company I co-founded, Sokaris Interactive.

Simon’s previous projects - AR Unity projects

Coderbunker: Why did you join Coderbunker?

Simon: I joined Coderbunker because I am willing to share some knowledge I have on Unity, also because I think it’s a good opportunity to meet interesting profiles.

Coderbunker: What do you expect to get from being part of the community?

Simon: Personally I expect to improve the way I work with other people. Also I believe that we can build some really interesting projects while merging differents competences, such as data analysis, machine learning.

Coderbunker: How is the Coderbunker experience so far? Do you enjoy working here?

Simon: I am a new member in the community and so far I am really excited. I think that things move really fast here and I am looking forward to see what we can all do!

Pictures from LiveFire, the fire fighting app Simon developed with his company iTolosa in France

Yangyang’s notes: Simon is awesome! He is an expert in Unity development. Coderbunker connects him with customers and helps him find contracts. His last contract was with Disney Shanghai. His projects bring magic into reality. As a Coderbunker member he sees an opportunity to connect with people who are experienced in Unity and VR to build a VR Lab at Coderbunker. Come and meet with Simon and other talented and interesting members at Coderbunker!

If you are interested in VR/Unity, contact us via

Coderbunker is an open community of software developers in a shared physical space focused on growth and success. We help these talented developers grow into successful freelancers and we help companies getting the right resource at the right price at the right time. We have 30 members growing at the rate of 2 members a month and leads for hundreds of projects in the last year.

Coderbunker value to customers

• Right resource at the right price at the right time

• Talented developers from different disciplines with range of skills and levels

• Shared engineering practices, tooling and expectations

Coderbunker value to freelancers

• Mentoring and coaching, focuses on person-to-person interactions to both build teams and find customers.

• Focusing on individual growth

• Opportunity for rich environment

• Association to a well-known brand

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