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Introduction to IPFS: A New decentralized Web

Latest tech in "Silicon Valley" sitcom is no joke

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IPFS for beginners:

IPFS is a file storage system that operates peer-to-peer, also called distributed. Each active participant can store and retrieve files, and they can be changed much like git or GitHub with versioning, meaning that changes are trackable. All data can be encrypted, so there's no fear of others peering into the data that they're storing for you.

The magic of IPFS is that because all data is distributed among the users, it rids the dependency of a central server. All files are accessible, so if one computer shuts down, the data is still hosted and accessible.

IPFS for experienced developers:

Implementation possibilities of this range from hosting web apps to storage of blockchain data. For web applications, several dependency libraries for Javascript, Node, Java and Go are moving along, still in alpha stages but many with passing build and 80+ percent test coverage. Websites and simple web applications can run straight from IPFS, but so can decentralized apps (DAPPS) built for the Ethereum ecosystem -- which means that these decentralized applications can also have decentralized frontends.

A GitHub repo for Awesome IPFS lists links to dozens of projects and learning materials:

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