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Internet of Things and Educational Technology

Application of IoT on Education

Internet of Things (IoT), the connection of devices to the Internet, is changing every aspect of our daily lives. Although it does not seems obvious, have you ever considered the application of IoT on education? How can technology enable students to earn their degree from the foreign top university while advancing their career in their home country? University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) Global Office would introduce how their program can achieve that.

Technology has always been the driving force in any industry, including education. Some even claimed educational technology (EdTech) has the potential of financial technology (FinTech), even the statement could be exaggerated, modern ways of learning are being transformed by digital technologies, as evidenced by the global massive open online course (MOOC) craze. Eduardo Alarcon from TOKY would introduce how they change the way students, makers, and educational organizations use technology to create and learn STEAM disciplines.

Following the talk is an exclusive mentorship session for UMass students. Ricky Ng Adam, founder of Coderbunker, and Eduardo Alarcon, founder and CEO of, would share their experience with the students to facilitate their professional development.

Who is this talk for?

• People that are interested in or working in IoT
• People that are interested in or working in EdTech
• People that are looking for master level education on computer engineering

About the Speaker

Eduardo Alarcon is the founder and CEO of, a robotics company changing the way students and organizations approach technological innovation. Eduardo specializes in injecting productive creativity into engineering development and operations. He holds six years of experience as a researcher at Universitat Politecnica de Catalonia in Spain, where he designed and implemented a multi-model power system for researching on Smart microgrids. Before moving to Shanghai, Eduardo designed Smart Bank, a fin-tech management platform for banks and financial institutions capable of categorizing and visualizing user transactions as well as making recommendations. He has seven publications in some of the top international scientific magazines to his name on topics ranging from static synchronous compensators to the NASA space elevator.

Ricky NG-ADAM is the founder of Coderbunker an international community of software development freelancers. The company help customers find the right resource at the right time at the right price. From young passionate talent to grizzled developers with 20 years experience, from front-end to database they can quickly build teams to build the software engine of your business or assist your existing engineering team.


• 19:00-19:30 Check in
• 19:30-19:40 Introduction to Coderbunker
• 19:40-20:00 Sharing by Eduardo from TOKY
• 20:00-20:20 Introduction to UMass Master Program
• 20:20-21:00 Exclusive Mentorship Session for UMass Students

About the Meetup

• Title: Internet of Things and EdTech
• Date: 16th March, 2018 (Friday)
• Time: 19:00-21:00
• Target: Anyone interested in Internet of Things and Educational Technology
• Price: ¥80 (includes 1 drink), free for members and UMass students
• RSVP and Payment: Yoopay
• Location: Coderbunker (1199 Panyu Road, Building 3, Underground)

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About TOKY

TOKY is an EdTech company. We are changing the way students, makers, and educational organizations use technology to create and learn STEAM disciplines. To do so, we developed a powerful and innovative building platform incredibly easy to use. 

TOKY allows beginners to approach innovation and enter into a real creative process.  We think electronics and programming are not an objective, but a tool for something. We are democratizing it, and simplifying the usage of tech so everyone can build something meaningful with no previous experience.

About Coderbunker

Coderbunker is an international community that helps talented developers grow into successful freelancers with their own personal brand. We connect freelancers with customers by helping customers find the right resource at the right price at the right time. Through our community branding, we’ve generated hundreds of such opportunities in the last year. We have 50 members growing at a rate of 3 members a month.

About Agora Space

Agora Space is an international coworking office located in Xuhui district, Shanghai. We are engineers, makers, traders, designers, and entrepreneurs working as freelance or running startup or business.

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