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Innovation Friday #3 How Imagination Drives Innovation

Event report

This was the third installment of Coderbunker’s Innovation Fridays series, featuring Oliver Clark from We hope you enjoyed yourself this weekend, and special thanks to our speaker, organisers, Agora Space, and of course our attendees!

Beer and... Lego?

Oliver at delved into the intriguing idea of Lego Serious PlayⓇ (LSP) and how it creates intrinsically motivating experiences to help teams solve problems, develop team identity, communicate and create team empathy in the most ‘fun’ way possible. Once a childhood pastime, today Lego was our playful way to create team culture and solve problems creatively. LSP essentially uses various facets of behavioural science and psychology. A key concept is that the hand-mind connection is very important in problem solving and the LSP method re-engages our hands in problem solving to tap into our unconscious mind.

While sipping authentic German beers, audience members used this iconic childhood activity to put the ‘play’ back into work. As Oliver provided an insightful presentation into how imagination drives innovation, we built our very own lego masterpieces from a mess of blocks. Audience members were able to get into what Oliver called a ‘flow’ state: a balance between anxiety (due to tasks being too difficult) and boredom (due to tasks being too easy). He believes this is where true productivity and consciousness occurs.

Audience members participated in activities such as first using Lego to build an aeroplane. Members then allowed their imagination to run wild by using Lego to create anything they could dream. Our innovative co-founders Fred and Ricky created a cheese maker and teleporter respectively. Imaginative indeed!

About Oliver Clark

Originally from the UK, Oliver co-founded two years ago in Shanghai to bring the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method to teams in China. Since then he has worked with some of the most progressive and successful teams in the region on issues ranging from business process reengineering to uncovering of team culture and identity.

What did we learn?

As per its name, Innovation Fridays really drove our imagination and provided with an innovative way to do something. Lego Serious PlayⓇ can be used in organisations by presenting work specific problems and creatively solving them by using the LSP method. LSP unlocks our unconscious mind by thinking with our hands, getting into a flow state and combining new knowledge with past experiences.

If you or your organisation is interested in discovering the power of LSP, please Oliver’s website at

Innovation Fridays is series on innovation, innovation management, design thinking, creative thinking on Fridays at CoderBunker from speakers offering consulting services in these areas. If you or someone you know is interested in presenting their own innovative ideas and spreading your brand, please contact Coderbunker.

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