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How to create a winning team for your startup!

This is the 10th installment of Innovation Fridays Series. As a professional trainer, business coach and actor, our speaker Michael Rosenthal from US Green Solutions brought the audience a distinctive perspective of the art of hiring.

“In China everything is possible,” said Michael. In order to survive and thrive in this dynamic environment, a productive team with competitive advantage is the key to every startup company. How to select the right people you can cooperate with in the long term for your startup? Building a team is not only about targeting the most qualified person, but also forming a team with diversity, creativity and integrity. “For startups, we need all personalities,” Michael justifies that a successful team should involve people with personalities including conscientiousness, dominance, influence and steadiness.

“Will you hire someone who never argues in the team?” asked Michael, “No! We must have people that have disparate views but share some common value.” As for building the team spirit, Michael stressed that it is important to take care of team members’ feelings and not to take anything for granted.

Hire fast fire fast is a common phenomenon for startups. Michael shared some questions he often asks during interviews to improve the interviewing process. Some of the questions include: What are you passionate about? Tell me about the goals you have? What is your definition of success? Tell me about your failures? Have you ever had disagreement with bosses and how did you resolve it? He also pointed out that the key is to figure out their thinking process and problem solving capabilities.

As an experienced entrepreneur who has subsequently worked in a variety of industries, Michael has not only successfully built competitive teams himself, but also trained and inspired people to find the right person for their team.

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