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From Nanjing to Shanghai

Phil’s Interview

Phil is a British student studying software engineering at Nanjing University. He came all the way from Nanjing to join our co-learning R programming session and found that Coderbunker was well worth the trip.

Phil has already confirmed to take on 50 co-learning sessions to dive into R programming and data analysis! Welcome to Coderbunker Phil!

Coderbunker: How did you hear about Coderbunker?  

Phil:I heard about Coderbunker from Wechat, where I read an article about Open Data Shanghai 2016. I came to the event and it was amazing.

#Open Data Shanghai 2016

This was the very first edition of Open Data Shanghai organized by Techyizu in collaboration with Coderbunker with PatSnap as a special sponsor to provide food to the participants. Open Data Shanghai was held on December 10th and 11th 2016. In addition to talks given by experienced data scientists,participants were given the opportunity to join into team with 24 hours to complete a project around data analysis.

Second from right is Phil

Coderbunker: What were your impressions after joining the Open Data Shanghai event at Coderbunker?

Phil: I met a lot of people who were passionate about developing. I was inspired by some of the talks on ‘Pragmatic Natural Language Processing’, ‘R Programming and Data Visualization’, ‘Applied Pandas for Data Transformation’, ‘Data sciences applied to startups’. Even more rewarding was the 24 hours’ worth of data analysis at the hackathon!

Coderbunker: Why did you join Coderbunker? What do you expect to get from colearning?

Phil: I came here because the experience of Open Data Shanghai was really impressive. I want to study in a community exactly like Coderbunker where people talk about software and help each other to succeed. Cooperative learning sessions in such environment where participants are following a self-paced online curriculum is really to my taste.

Coderbunker: How is the Coderbunker experience so far? Any comments or suggestions?

Phil: People here are really friendly and willing to help. The environment here cater to learners, breakfast is provided which helps me a lot since I come all the way from Nanjing. Several members here are experienced software engineers, while some of them are relatively new to programming. I can bolster my own understanding when helping others and in the meantime, I also receive guidance from more experienced developers. So far, everything is great. If I have to give some suggestions it would be to create a similar community in Nanjing, haha.

Co-learning session this Saturday

Sign up at


• 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM (every Saturday)


• 160 RMB for 1 session
• 140 RMB (discount for 5 sessions)
• 130 RMB (discount for 10 sessions)
• 110 RMB (discount for 20 sessions)
• 90 RMB (discount for 50 sessions)

FREE for members




1199 Panyu road, building 3, underground


Coderbunker is an open community of software developers in a shared physical space focused on growth and success. We help these talented developers grow into successful freelancers and we help companies getting the right resource at the right price at the right time. We have 33 members growing at the rate of 2 members a month and leads for hundreds of projects in the last year.

Coderbunker value to customers

• Right resource at the right price at the right time

• Talented developers from different disciplines with range of skills and levels

• Shared engineering practices, tooling and expectations

Coderbunker value to freelancers

• Mentoring and coaching, focuses on person-to-person interactions to both build teams and find customers.

• Focusing on individual growth

• Opportunity for rich environment

• Association to a well-known brand

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