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Dodo Pizza: a successful restaurant chain run as a software company

Innovation Friday 7th




This was the seventh installment of Coderbunker’s Innovation Fridays series. The global CEO of Dodo pizza , Fedor Ovchinnikov, the CTO Alexander Andronov and the CEO of Dodo Pizza China, Denis Chernobaev shared their story of how they managed to launch their business in 9 countries and open 194 stores in 6 years through data driven decision making and total transparency of their business.

Fedor Ovchinnikov, founder of Russian chain Dodo Pizza, may just be the “Steve Jobs of pizza.”

Being a pizza delivery restaurant and an IT company at the same time, Dodo Pizza owns the largest pizza chain in Russia. Dodo Pizza has also opened two stores in Yantai and Hangzhou. The business for the company is growing aggressively worldwide thanks to its Dodo Information System (Dodo IS). How does Dodo Pizza’s information system underline its business growth?

Fedor Ovchinnikov introducing Dodo Pizza

Fedor Ovchinnikov introducing Dodo Pizza

Online call from Moscow, Alexander Andronov, the CTO of Dodo Pizza

Online call from Moscow, Alexander Andronov, the CTO of Dodo Pizza

“Dodo Pizza Franchises function as a Web Service, the web interface on tablets make the update process much faster,” Fedor explained while he was talking with Dodo Pizza’s CTO, Alexander Andropov through Skype. Dodo Pizza controls all the business online, including scheduling shifts for employees and analytical analysis. The information system makes the business more transparent and manageable, “There are separate database for different regions and countries,” he explained. Furthermore, as labor cost is the main cost for the business, the system makes their business more cost effective and efficient as it lets the franchisees optimize the use of these resources.

Alexander Andropov further explained their software stack and its components which enables the team to master the huge amount of data generated,“ More than 1000 pizzerias will mean 10K orders per hour and 100K requests per second.” He then focused on the future and suggested that there will be micro-services to integrate different technology stacks and allow for predictive analytics with machine learning. When talking about their focus on mobile service in China, Alexander said that currently the company had no native mobile development experience yet but as mobile is key to the Chinese market, mobile technologies are becoming increasingly important.

Denis Chernobaev, the CEO of Dodo Pizza in China, more articles: The Dodo Way.

Denis revealed that the most important feature of their business is transparency, which attracts a lot of entrepreneurs looking for confidence into the financial viability of franchises. “All sales of every business stores since the beginning are open to everyone,” Denis said.

As for the Chinese market, he told the audience that it was tough at the beginning, “We have to pay a lot of attention to quality of our products and food safety. Moreover it is very important to understand chinese tastes and make menu at the same time western style and chinese, to fit the market. For today the most important thing for us to build strong team here in China, to find people who will fit our culture and will have a willing to build big business together."

By building their Information System from scratch, Dodo Pizza successfully improved their business performance through their global web service. It is not only about the taste of pizza that wins over customers, it is their business model and their innovative way of management that helps their business succeed.

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