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Do Less, Get more with React Native

React-native meetup

If you are working on APP, are you still dragged down by writing two different codebases iOS and Android?


Repeated code, Repeated business logic, Repeated styling:a kind of waste.


Transform from pic.A to pic.B

Here’s a new idea to improve your development process:

‘React -Native’

这里,我们将带你体验“React -Native”,帮助开发者们摆脱困境,突出重围。

Wednesday, September 28th 2016 a React-native meetup was held in Coderbunker (Agora Space) presented by Luciano Hanyon Wu. He has been using React-Native for 1 year and has developed 2 apps specialized in teaching English to Chinese students using React Native: Seed and DAKA.

上周三(9.28.2016)Coderbunker 组织了一场交流会,主讲Luciano(拥有React-Native一年开发经验,两款APP: Seed和DAKA)希望分享自己的开发经验和一些实践成果帮助新来的开发者快速入门新框架。

The meetup attracted a lot of people intrigued by the idea of building for both platforms with a single framework.

They enjoyed talking, getting to know each other, exchanging opinions and making friends.


After a delicious communal dinner, Luciano introduced React Native and answered the many questions from the audience. You can access his presentation online. After the presentation, Dora from Citibank also shared her experience working with React Native for one year implementing an intranet application

随后,Luciano介绍了React Native开发,原生开发,混合开发体验的区别,React Native基本功能,如何创建使用Redux的React Native项目等。同时,花旗银行的Dora分享了自己将React Native运用在工作中的经验。


The benefits of React-Native


  • 1 code repository for android and iOS
  • 无需为android和iOS编写两套代码
  • Native User experience
  • 更好的客户体验
  • Easy of web development
  • 更易于开发者掌握
  • Styling with flex-box
  • 可用flex-box写代码
  • Great debugging/profiling tools
  • 更多开发工具
  • Open Source community, meetups
  • 开放的资源

Thanks to our sponsor for the food ( ) , an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for building React Native apps.

Decosoftware为React Native的实践提供了很好的平台,他们赞助了这次活动,希望帮助更多的人实现从繁到简的过程。

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