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DNA Data Storage

02/02, store the world in one room

- About in silico meet in vivo -

It has been stated that 21st century is the age of biology, but we disagree, as the statement misses out information technology. While biology holds the promise to break nature’s limitation, it can never solve the puzzle without the help of information technology; while information technology successfully changes how people live their lives, it can never treat cancer or increase life expectancy. We believe it would be beneficial for everyone in the 21st century, especially developers, to acquire some basic knowledge about biology.

- About the topic -

Humanity has a data storage problem: More data were created in the past 2 years than in all of preceding history. And that torrent of information may soon surpass the ability of hard drives to capture it. Now, researchers have come up with a new way to encode digital data in DNA to create the highest-density large-scale data storage scheme ever invented. In principle, it can store the world’s data in one room. But whether the technology takes off depend on its cost.

“DNA is the hard drive, the memory in every cell in every living organism that has the instructions for how to make that cell. All the information in the world could be encoded and stored in DNA, and it would fit in the back of a SUV,” - Nick Goldman, Molecular Biologist at European Bioinformatics Institute

- About the Speaker -

Oscar Chan is a community manager at Coderbunker. He believes the future of mankind lies in the fusion of information technology and biology and would like to share the knowledge of biology. He received Applied Biology bachelor’s degree from the City University of Hong Kong and was involved in several molecular biology research, including tackling lactose intolerance using genetic-modified bacteria, the effect of hypoxia on marine medaka, the presence of RNA G-quadruplex in human.

- Call for Speakers -

Share your knowledge and vision about the fusion between information technology and biology in the coming events. Coderbunker is the place to let your ideas spread and we want to learn from your experiences. Spread the words, suggest topics and get in touch (Email:

- Agenda -

• 19:00 Check in
• 19:30 Sharing
• 20:00 Discussion
• 20:30 Networking
• 21:00 Check out

- About the Meetup -

• Date: February 2nd, 2018 (Friday)
• Time: 19:00-21:00
• Topic: DNA Data Storage
• Target: Anyone interested in information technology and biology
• Price: RMB 80 (half price for members and includes 1 drink)

• Payment: Yoopay
• RSVP: Scan QR code to join the conversation
• Location: Coderbunker (1199 Panyu Road, Building 3, Underground)

- Registration -

- Location -

- About Coderbunker -

Coderbunker is an international community that helps talented developers grow into successful freelancers with their own personal brand. We connect freelancers with customers by helping customers find the right resource at the right price at the right time. Through our community branding, we’ve generated hundreds of such opportunities in the last year. We have 50 members growing at a rate of 3 members a month.

- About Agora Space -

Agora Space is an international co-working office located in Xuhui district, Shanghai. We are engineers, makers, traders, designers, and entrepreneurs working as freelance or running startup or business.

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