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Colearning with Coderbunker members

Data analysis, web development, Linux etc

Colearning session this Saturday

Want to learn coding from scratch with experienced data scientists and developers? Come and join Coderbunker colearning group this Saturday.

  • Learn the basics of data analysis using R

  • Get the basics of HTML/CSS for web development

  • Learn Full stack web development after two more months

  • Become Linux certified sysadmin and grow devops skills

  • Deep dive into Machine learning with Andrew Ng


Demand for talented developers and data analysts far exceeds resources available. One key to grow new talent is to help individuals with aptitudes and potential for software development to try out this new career path. Codeschools have proven faster and less expensive than universities but still demand a significant investment and have fixed learning cycles. Parallel to the rise of co-working and thanks to the availability of online content such as FreeCodeCamp, we propose a project-focused curriculum in a community with mentors where peers help each other learn new concepts and find work in their new chosen profession. At Coderbunker, we have mentors that will be by your side during colearning session and guide you when you run into questions.


Yangyang Xu

Currently Yangyang is the executive assistant at Coderbunker. Majoring in psychology and neuroscience, she has two years experience in MATLAB and R programming for data analysis, that is the time she discovered her passion in programming and data analysis. Have been through the miserable self-learning phase, she hopes to use her skills to help more people who want to learn data analysis during colearning. Coderbunker provides the platform for her to share her passion with anyone who is interested in data analysis and connects with more data scientists.

Luciano Hanyon Wu

Currently Luciano works as a freelancer at Coderbunker. He is a full stack web/mobile developer with Nodejs, Reactjs, react-native. He has been self-studying Machine Learning. He grew up in Italy and enjoys studying new languages. He speaks Italian, English, Japanese and Chinese. He has been at Coderbunker for four months now and has been mentoring two students who study web development full-time.

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9:00 AM - 7:00 PM (every Saturday)


• 160 RMB for 1 session
• 140 RMB (discount for 5 sessions)
• 130 RMB (discount for 10 sessions)
• 110 RMB (discount for 20 sessions)
• 90 RMB (discount for 50 sessions)

FREE for members

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1199 Panyu road, building 3, underground


Coderbunker is an open community of software developers in a shared physical space focused on growth and success. We help these talented developers grow into successful freelancers and we help companies getting the right resource at the right price at the right time. We have 30 members growing at the rate of 2 members a month and leads for hundreds of projects in the last year.

Coderbunker value to customers

• Right resource at the right price at the right time

• Talented developers from different disciplines with range of skills and levels

• Shared engineering practices, tooling and expectations

Coderbunker value to freelancers

• Mentoring and coaching, focuses on person-to-person interactions to both build teams and find customers.

• Focusing on individual growth

• Opportunity for rich environment

• Association to a well-known brand

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