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Learn programming in shanghai

The best way to learn programming in Shanghai

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If you want to learn programming, you might be interested in co-learning on Freecodecamp at Coderbunker. is an online platform to learn web development. You can start with any background, and will get a certificate as well as programming skills to build any kind of websites.

Co-learning is not a lecture or seminar taught by a teacher, but rather a platform allowing students to be their own teacher and help each other. Co-learning is collaborative learning in a shared environment. Participants follow Freecodecamp courses and help each other reach their study goals.

Co-learning at Coderbunker in Shanghai 2017

The co-learning organizer is Coderbunker. A community of freelance developers with opportunities for collaboration with our clients.

Join the co-learning sessions organized by Coderbunker! Get motivated from other co-learners. Also, you can get some advices from experienced freelancers who work at Coderbunker.

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