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Biology@Coderbunker launched the first event

Witness the evolution of biology in the 21st century

Last Friday’s night at Coderbunker, we launched the first event of Biology@Coderbunker. Our community manager, Oscar Chan from Hong Kong, gave his first speech in Coderbunker to introduce DNA and bioinformatics. According to him, audiences who pay attention should easily ace in high school biology course after the introduction, but the audiences were hungry for higher level biological knowledge and posed some challenging questions to Oscar. For example, Stephane Vernede, CEO and data scientist from Enwise, wonder what is the source code of human DNA.

Meanwhile, we were glad to have Keith Kwan, Chinese medicine graduate from the University of Hong Kong, to share his experience in studying bioinformatics course online and Stephane Laurent, Chinese subcontinent head of Project Shivom, to present Project Shivom’s ecosystem. Keith recommended those who want to learn more about bioinformatics to study the “Bioinformatics Specialization” offered by University of California San Diego through Coursera. On the other hand, Project Shivom that combines genomics and blockchain received lots of attention and inquiries. Stephane is still collecting reviews on the project, from execution to future direction, he welcomes anyone with further questions (see the executive summary attached below).

It was our pleasure to welcome so many new friends, other than Agora Space coworking members, we met people working in genomics and healthcare, university students who are studying medicine, and even landscape designer. We would like to thank everyone for attending the first Biology@Coderbunker’s event, we hope more will be coming soon, but that requires your supports.

We are calling for speakers and partners to share their knowledge and vision about the fusion between information technology and biology. Spread the words to any candidates you have. Feel free to suggest topics and get in touch with Oscar Chan through WeChat (hold down the QR code below).

Presentation slides are attached below

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