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Aurelia framework Is Quickly Catching Up

A peek into the future of web development

Performance, ease of development, compact and clean coding are among the advantages offered by Aurelia framework. These are some of the advantages our guest speaker, Mr Martin Bähr, with his long front-end development experience as a very early Angular 1 developer, explained while introducing Aurelia.

Firstly, he spoke about the framework defining ideas of simplicity and "all-in-one framework", and how they were a match against the current leading Javascript web frameworks, such as React, Angular 2, Vue.js and Ember.

He further explained the boilerplate free syntax, short learning curve, and meticulous adherence to the latest web standards were further demonstrated through coding examples.

Opining on back-end coding, Mr Bähr suggested that it is a good idea to use it as a service platform (BAAS) as it provides prominent features, saves time and resources during the initial development. It also delays the development of a custom backend to a later point until more is known about the actual requirements.In some cases, custom backend development can be avoided entirely, or augmented with a secondary microservice for specific functionality.

The space was filled with software developers and architects wanting to understand the software by listening directly to an expert. Overall they found Aurelia a great Angular contender to become the best modern imperative web frontend framework.

We organised a talk and a live coding session by Mr Bähr, software architect and copyleft developer at RealSoft Service.

The live coding session was buzzing with questions and solutions. Guests welcomed the idea of giving it a try as our guest speaker Mr Bähr, a user of the software himself for a few years made them comfortable with its functions. The discussion was followed by a networking session and dinner.

Martin Bähr, Free Software Architect / Copyleft Developer. He’s been building full stack web applications for more than 20 years. FOSS Advocate, he’s also mentoring with the Beijing GNU/Linux User group, FOSSASIA and others…

Currently running Real SoftService, a consultancy for Web Application Development and serving as community manager for Elastos, a network operating system that uses blockchain for IDs and digital assets.

More about Martin at
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