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AR/VR Gathering Friday  

May 26th at 7pm!

Topic and Audience

VR/AR developers are invited to the VR/AR party event at Coderbunker with special guest Harold Dumur from OVA (, Montréal, Canada. This event will be of particular interest to game developers, virtual reality and augmented reality developers and entrepreneurs.

Featured Speaker:

  •  Harold Dumur, OVA
  •  Bradford Hinkle, Directive Games

Harold Dumur is founder and CEO @ OVA (ViveX Batch II accelerator / HEC Montreal accelerator alumni) and is developing StellarX. StellarX offers not only the keyhole through which creative possibilities can be seen, but it actually gets you through the door between the real and the virtual.

Bradford Hinkle is a Designer at Directive Games, he will give a short talk about how teams can integrate rapid prototyping into their workflow. Directive Games utilizes blueprints in Unreal Engine 4 so designers can co-develop rapidly alongside programmers and artists. They focus on fast iteration and testing has been key to the success of games like Super Kaiju. They deploy quickly across multiple VR platforms with backend tech Kaleo, which is essential for a competitive multiplayer VR game.

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