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April 7th, Co-Learning Featuring Face Recognition

Every Saturday 9am to 6pm

Co-Learning is cooperative learning (co-learning) sessions in a work environment where participants learn from advanced facilitators, follow self-paced online curriculums and help each other succeed. We create a good environment for learning with peers, offer opportunities to apply skills to real projects and coach new developers to use industry standard practices. Find out the details, co-learning tracks and facilitators on our website:

Co-Learning Activities

09:00-18:00 – Self Paced Co-Learning
Follow your own course and discuss with other co-learners or facilitators when you need help. Share your achievements, ask our senior engineers for career recommendation and join our teams on Open Source project. We open at 9 am but you can join us whenever from 9 am to 6 pm.

14:00-15:00 – Efficient Face Recognition using FaceNet (Deep Learning).
By Pavel Krolevets

In the afternoon, I’ll explain you a relatively new approach to an image classification task with a high amount of different classes. For example, a task of effectively classifying one million face pictures. This is based on a Google team’s work called FaceNet. Moreover, I'll show how to use this technique to find similar looking face pictures or use unsupervised learning algorithm K-means to cluster them.

Past Co-Learning Highlights

Joining Co-Learning

  • 1 Day Pass: 160 RMB First Trial
  • 1 Day Pass: 320 RMB After Trial
  • 1 Month Membership: 1160 RMB (Full-Time Access)

If you would like to join our Co-learning, please sign up through Meetup:

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