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A Software Developer's Dream: aurelia.js framework

Let Aurelia change your mind

· Javascript,aurelia

Aurelia is a JavaScript client framework for the web, mobile, and desktop that leverages simple conventions and idiomatic javascript to empower your creativity. The main features include:

• ECMAscript specification: Written in ECMAscript and integrated with web components.

• Modern architecture: Aurelia is composed of smaller, focused modules and use them together as a full featured framework or pick and choose to build a custom solution.

• Two-way object databinding: By using adaptive techniques, aurelia can select the most efficient way to observe each property in your model and automatically sync your UI.

• Extensible HTML compiler: Aurelia's extensible HTML compiler lets you create custom HTML elements, add custom attributes to existing elements and control template generation, all with full support for dynamic loading, databinding and high-performance batched rendering.

• Routing & UI composition: Leverage aurelia’s advanced client-side router with its pluggable pipeline, dynamic route patterns, child routers and asynchronous screen activation. Dynamic, data-driven UI is supported too.

• MV* with conventions: Use conventions, plug in your own or drop them altogether.

• Broad language support: Uses ES5, ES 2015, ES 2016 and TypeScript.

Aurelia is a collection of Modern JavaScript modules, which when used together, function as a powerful platform for building browsers, desktop, and mobile applications, all open source and built on open web standards.

Martin will give an introduction to Aurelia, with live coding session. If you are a big fan of Meteor, Vue.js, ember.js, Angular or React... We are looking forward to be challenged by your questions! You may think angular is the best framework out there, let aurelia change your mind.

- About the Speaker -

Martin Bähr, Free Software Architect / Copyleft Developer.  He’s been building full stack web applications for more than 20 years. FOSS Advocate, he’s also mentoring with the Beijing GNU/Linux User group, FOSSASIA and others…

Currently running Real SoftService, a consultancy for Web Application Development and serving as community manager for Elastos, a network operating system that uses blockchain for IDs and digital assets.

- Agenda -

• 18:45 Check in

• 19:00 Talk

• 19:30 Demo / Q&A / discussion

• 20:00 Networking

• 20:30 Check out

- About the Meetup -

• Date: December 13th, 2017

• Time: 19:00-20:30

• Target: General software developers

• Price: RMB 50 (includes 1 drink) and free for members.

• RSVP: Scan QR code for registration and payment.

• Location: Coderbunker (1199 Panyu Road, Building 3, Underground)

- Location -

- About Real SoftService -

Real SoftService ( builds websites for educational institutions that grow with the school. They achieved this by using a modern architecture that allows more flexibility in making large changes without needing to start from scratch.

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