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2018-03-03 Part2: Share your project with the co-learners

Peer learning at Coderbunker

This Saturday, March 3rd, we were glad to have 2 sharing sessions. Thank you, Pauline Soudy and Karl Xu, for sharing the story of your projects.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline 101

In the part two of sharing, Karl introduced how he leverages GitHub, Codeship, and Heroku infrastructure to create a continuous delivery pipeline. Continuous delivery is a very appealing concept to engineers, but few know how to use it successfully. Karl has created a project to help demonstrate to new members how to quickly pick up this approach to app deployment. To get started, Karl detailed the initial requirements for a simple CI pipeline: a “hello world" Node.js project on Github, a Codeship account, and a Heroku account. The continuous delivery is achieved by Codeship monitoring changes to a specified Github branch and then building, testing, and if the tests are passed, deploying to a Heroku instance.

Coderbunker freelancers, Mohammed and Gregory, were pretty excited about the project and engaged in a lively discussion with Karl. They were able to generate some ideas for how the project can be used to develop a standard methodology for implementing CI for Coderbunker projects. Check out the repository here: Right now, they are exploring how to run multiple processes on Heroku at the same time and how to add build steps. Furthermore, as the project only supports Node.js right now, it would be great to expand the support to other languages like PHP, Python, and Java. If you know how, please do not hesitate to create a pull request or even physically visit Coderbunker to chat with them face to face!

Coderbunker Co-learning

It is because of our lovely co-learners that we can grow as a community. If you want to join our co-learning, sign up and find out more in our meetup. We welcome everyone no matter you are beginner trying to learn web technology or senior with more than 20 years of experience. Suggest new activities on topics that interest you and learn together by being a speaker, organizer or facilitator. Drop by to take a look or visit our website to discover more about Coderbunker.

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