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2018-03-03 Part1: Share your project with the co-learners

Peer learning at Coderbunker

This Saturday, March 3rd, we were glad to have 2 sharing sessions. Thank you, Pauline Soudy and Karl Xu, for sharing the story of your projects.

Launching your first website as a social entrepreneur

In the part one of sharing, Pauline introduced her website,, a 100% open source social enterprise platform built by junior developers. With very limited resources but unlimited passion, Pauline managed to get help from fresh bootcamp graduates for free and hire freelancers on Upwork at a great discount ($100-150 per 1-week job). The website is running relatively well right now but may have too many features for a minimum viable product (MVP). Pauline is still looking for ways to improve the website and facilitate the growth of social enterprises in China. Her next step is to integrate the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSP) to generate more opportunities for the social enterprises.

For her project, Pauline discovered GitHub to manage her source code, learned how to use issues markdown. And it’s not such a common practice for entrepreneurship project to release open source project (high five Pauline)! Pauline is looking for other ways to optimize the visibility of the project towards engineers community.

Here is her repo: What do you think? She cannot do everything alone. If you have 10 minutes, please take a look at the Github pages, amend the, comment on issues and submit pull requests. Did you ever talk to your product owner on Github? We wished it happens more often.

Coderbunker Co-learning

It is because of our lovely co-learners that we can grow as a community. If you want to join our co-learning, sign up and find out more in our meetup. We welcome everyone no matter you are beginner trying to learn web technology or senior with more than 20 years of experience. Suggest new activities on topics that interest you and learn together by being a speaker, organizer or facilitator. Drop by to take a look or visit our website to discover more about Coderbunker.

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